aspire, grow and live with ydangle

Our Philosophy

Life can be difficult. Work is serious. Both are a source of continuos learning and growth.

Difficult and serious do not mean miserable, boring and dull.

Fun, perspective, reflection and the willingness to learn and grow add colour to the difficult and serious.

We will attempt to share our work and life lessons with you in a fun manner and give you the opportunity to help us and each other in a continuous quest for growth

We will also randomly pick on news events and share our thoughts on different angles  and any lessons to be learnt.

ydangle is a Value Enhancing business focusing on the development of Leadership skills, techniques and conversations and is aimed at decision makers both in their business and personal spheres. 

Strongly grounded in extensive business experience we strive to create ongoing growth opportunities in manageable and easily assimilated steps. We use a varied platter of methods and tools to achieve this.

what you will find at ydangle

Simple, practical lessons that can be applied to both your personal and business life.